Uluru – Field of Lights

Following on from the brilliant dinner we strolled over the red sand dunes to this incredible light display. Absolutely magical – check it out on Tripadvisor.

The critically acclaimed Field of Light Uluru by the internationally celebrated artist Bruce Munro aptly named Tili Wiru Tjuta Nyakutjaku or ‘looking at lots of beautiful lights’ in local Pitjantjatjara is Munro’s largest work to date. Overwhelming in size, covering more than seven football fields, it invites immersion in its fantasy garden of 50,000 spindles of light, the stems breathing and swaying through a sympathetic desert spectrum of ochre, deep violet, blue and gentle white. Click here to read more

There are so many photos here it was hard to determine which were the best – here are 16 out of 67 taken…

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